Safe Work Procedures For Overhead and Gantry Cranes

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Hi Guys, This is Mark Boyes, Just like to go through a few safe operating procedures we have put together.

This one we are gonna do, we are gonna use the Standard Operating Procedure for Overhead Cranes. Basically as I go through a few points on it, what it really does for you guys is actually gives you a firm stand on how to use this basic equipment, how to use the chains correctly, how to sling the load correctly, how to use a spreader beam correctly, and how to actually transfer the load from one spot in the workshop to another spot in the workshop,so as we go through this document, we have a few training levels and a few training platforms on that,we also got a Plant and Equipment Registry, just to give you guys compliancy with work safety, to ensure you guys have been trained, you can actually present this certificate to them, that Yes! We have these guys trained!  and I’ll also gives you a review point on that which you can actually come back to when its 12 month time to say Ok, its time to review my  guys if they’re still compliant with this crane and if they’re still comfortable with using this piece of plant and equipment.

So we do that, as well as we come out we also developed an SOP which is Safety Operating Procedure and that gives you a brief study about how to safely operate this machine,we got free pictures there which is showing you a crane, and the safe operating procedures how to use it , correct PPE and also the risk involve, in the back of that we also present you with the Risk Assessment for your working environment, your loading and unloading capacities.

And that’s also presented  to you guys in a data as well as in the form of excel sheet ,that you can actually change that as to what , whenever you need to review it,   whenever there’s a new risk that you’re actually highlighting in your workplace, you can add to that.

So that’s it, I hope to get out there and deliver this to you.

Thank You!

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