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Being residential lifts experts and industry leaders in Australia for 216 years, TAG knows about residential lifts more than any other company.

Lifts in the Residential Sector

Modern day residences are defining new standards of luxury and innovation. TAG knows that we have to keep pace with the emerging trends in house and building construction. TAG lifts melt into the overall attire of the building and enhance the environment while also blending into it. At the same time, older residential lifts require repairs or retrofits to keep performing at their peak. TAG provides comprehensive and hassle-free services in the residential lifts sector.

Apart from top class comfort and safety, residential lifts also require a great deal of flexibility. Everything from the budget to the scale of the project can vary largely, a fact that makes residential lift designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance tedious tasks.

Designing and installing residential lifts require finesse and precision beyond the ordinary. Neglecting even the minutest details in planning and installation can lead to major problems later. A perfect balance has to be achieved between initial investment and operating costs. Aesthetics demand special attention. With the latest social trends leaning towards greener lifestyles, residential lifts must have extremely low carbon signatures and should be virtually soundless. At TAG lifts, you get all that and more. Our rich experience ensures that the solution you get is perfectly tailored to your needs and residential space.

With over two centuries of experience, thousands of delighted customers and billions of safely carried passengers, TAG lifts have the right credentials to claim mastery of residential lifts designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.


Want a Residential Lift? TAG has got just the right one!

TAG residential lifts are available in standardized as well as highly customizable options. While a regular model gives you economy, customized residential lifts provide you vertical transportation solutions ranging from a dumb waiter to the most elegant residential lifts.

TAG residential lifts are available in many variants. Wood grain, brushed steel, chrome, metallic, glass and paint finished interiors and exteriors make TAG residential lifts suitable for any environment. From a glass and chrome finish for modern architectures to a mahogany and leather finish for a Victorian building, TAG has got it all when it comes to residential lifts.

We go to great lengths in customizing the lifts to the exact requirements of the customers. Our suggested designs make optimum use of space and jazz up the interiors. A TAG lift also adds to the value of your property.

TAG has the most qualified elevator experts in Australia working with it to provide effortless project management in 5 easy steps. It is a simple logical sequence which you can initiate with a single phone call or email. Our friendly lift consultants and engineers will take it from there and get detailed briefings from you, before reverting to you with a carefully drafted proposal for your job. It is a process that works every time with clockwork precision; we take you through to the completion of your residential lift project while attending to each and every detail along the way.

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