TAG Lifts and Environmental Sustainability

At TAG lifts, we realize that making and installing great lifts is not only about achieving short term client satisfaction; it’s a lifelong affair involving innovation and responsiveness to an ever evolving market. Performance, safety and energy efficiency of TAG lifts over the coming years and decades is as important as the exhilaration felt immediately after the project becomes operational.

Each kilowatt hour of electricity we save rids the environment of up to 1kg of CO2e. With social trends tilting towards green lifestyle, the demand for more environmentally sustainable lifts has risen in modern buildings. Although lifts are much less polluting as compared to airplanes and cars, this has not stopped TAG from continuously looking for greener, more energy efficient and environment friendly lifts.

In the past decade, explosive growth of green products proves that the future market is for ecological products. Energy efficient machinery and appliances are rapidly becoming more popular. As an innovative company, TAG has always been ready with better and greener products.

TAG Lifts and Energy Efficiency: Our geared and gearless, machine-room-less electrically operated driving gears are frictionless, noiseless and vibration free. Use of the latest materials in sheave, cable and cabin sharply cuts down their carbon signature by reducing them in size and weight. Special synthetic thin cables that we use in TAG eco models are 4 times lighter than conventional steel braided cables of same strength, and generate much less friction heating during operation . An intelligent use of counter weight and frictionless ployamide sheaves and super-efficient induction type electric motors can provide energy efficiency of up to 60-70 percent.

Programmable Eco-Lifts: TAG can also reduce the energy consumption of your commercial building by designing and installing programmable lifts. Operating on robust artificial intelligence software, programmable lifts are rapidly replacing conventional call type lifts in most new buildings. Used in multiple lifts operation, the software module auto manages the lifts and directs the closest lift to the floor where passengers are waiting. A central console is placed at a convenient location where people entering the building key in the floor they want to go to. The computer processes the requests instantaneously and assesses which particular car can most efficiently serve which particular floors. The waiting passengers are informed by a digital display and/or voice announcement about which car they should board to go to their respective floor(s). Programmable lifts reduce waiting times and power consumption.

Heat Recycling: The latest green lifts technologies are focusing on recycling the heat generated by the cable and the sheave and convert a portion of it back into electricity, which is then fed into the electric system of the building. Apart from reducing the heat emissions, these lifts also reduce the electricity bills. Other issues in making lifts green include reducing transmission losses, brake losses, lighting losses and controlling losses. TAG customized eco-friendly lifts use frictionless transmission gears and heat recycling systems to make your building more environmentally sustainable.

TAG uses energy efficient LED lights in its lift cabins. LED lights look fantastic and consume only a minute amount of electricity. The materials for the interior panels and floorings can also be procured from renewable sources, if required.
Going green means adopting a lifestyle that conserves natural resources and curbs harmful emissions. At TAG, we are always striving to find greener, less polluting technologies so that when you want your building to be green, TAG is ready with the your green lifts.