TAG Order Procedure

5 Easy steps and you get your new lift from TAG

1. Consultation
With expert lift consultants up and down the east coast of Australia, as well as in Victoria, Western Australia, TAG Lifts is sure to have experienced staff nearby to assist you with critical analysis regarding your lift needs. By specializing in new and innovative products, we pride ourselves on finding ways to meet your budget, while perfectly supporting your long term business and production goals.By visiting our online gallery, you will find our most popular lift designs prominently displayed so you can see exactly what you will be getting with regard to quality and craftsmanship.You may also visit our client testimonial page, or contact past clients directly to discover firsthand why they will always be a TAG Lifts client.
2. Quotation and Work Proposal
Shortly following our personal consultation, you will be contacted by a TAG Lifts representative with a detailed quotation that meets both your budget and production needs.Our quotations and work orders are mapped out in great detail. We meticulously consider your budget, delivery times, production goals and long term business growth strategies.And let us assure you that once we provide you with a quote and a deadline, they do not change.


3. Signing Up
Once you’re ready to begin the manufacturing of your new lifts (or Lift Service) all you need do is call our office, or your personal TAG Lifts Consultant and we’ll do the rest.But before we move a muscle, we’ll sit down with you and go over the paperwork in detail, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the manufacturing design, the products, and the associated lead time and delivery schedule. Your Consultant will inform you at that time if any further paperwork is necessary and will collect the required deposit so we can get your lift manufacturing under way. NOTE: Service jobs do not require a deposit or payment of any kind until the work is completed to your 100% satisfaction
4. Manufacturing
Once your lifts have been formally accepted by management, and all the relevant documentation is completed, your order will enter our system and begin the process of meeting the strictest of Australian National Standards for parts, manufacturing, and overall safety.As we move through the manufacturing process, you will be provided with up-to-date reports on the progress of your order every step of the way. And as your lifts move into the final stages of manufacturing, our technicians will contact you directly to determine whether there are any present issues that need addressing before installation can take place.Once the process is complete, our technicians will send you a detailed list of what will need to happen on your end to ensure that the delivery and installation of your equipment happens easily, and without delay.
5. Delivery and Installation
One week prior to the installation of your lifts, we will again contact you to reconfirm the time and relevant details of your delivery.Our expert installation crew will arrive on site, on time and, provided that all the necessary steps have been carried out on your end, will complete your installation within 24 hours.Your installation will be carried out with all mobile lifts, scissor lift hire, and installation process specifications in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and also the AS-NZ 1470-1986 section 2. This means our company will guarantee absolute safety at ALL times.Upon completion of your installation you will be provided with a lifts Acceptance Certificate stating the commencement date of your twelve month warranty period.

As a token of our appreciation for choosing TAG Lifts, we will give you your first 3 Lifts Services (a value of $197 PER PIECE) absolutely FREE. That’s a value of nearly $600 just for being one of TAG Lifts valued customers.

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