TAG Commercial Lifts: Where Perfection is a Tradition

Commercial lifts include elevators in office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, universities, high rises, parking garages and other places where they have to continuously operate under high load conditions.

Commercial or passenger lifts demand special considerations in designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. They have to carry a much larger number of passengers as compared to residential lifts, which is why they are bigger in size, roughly at least 7 feet wide and 6 feet deep. They generally have a lifting capacity of at least 1500 kilograms. Each commercial elevator carries 20,000 people annually, on the average. Commercial lifts also perform a huge number of shuttles; traveling billions of miles in the vertical plane.

TAG: The Commercial Lift Pros

TAG has been making passenger lifts for commercial buildings for the last 150 years, that’s about as far back as when the world’s first passenger elevator was invented. Our experience in making cargo lifts extends back to over two centuries. TAG has historically led the improvements in commercial elevator technology and has always introduced quieter, more robust models with the most modern lift driving mechanisms. Today, our commercial elevators use the latest generation gearless drives and interwoven steel alloy traction cables with state of the art, noiseless, vibration free powerful DC motors. TAG commercial lifts come with a fail-proof mechanism to carry the passengers safely to the nearest floor in case of power failure.

TAG and ORONA: The Strategic Alliance

Design and construction of modern commercial buildings is an ever evolving enterprise. Architects are all the time trying new ways to enhance their buildings in utility and appearance. Comprehending commercial lift requirements and devising the right plan to implement the correctly conceived design are vital aspects of modern day commercial elevator business.

With advances in the construction of high rise buildings, TAG decided to team up with the world’s leading commercial lift manufacturing specialists, ORONA. The purpose was to offer highly specialized and diversified solutions for commercial elevators to the most modern high rise and commercial building industry. TAG provides turnkey services for designing and executing customized commercial lift projects to the customers looking for top of the line lift quality at an affordable price. We help you plan better for factors like passenger traffic management, elevator shaft design and energy efficiency, while suggesting pre-built modules to reduce cost where practical.

Working with TAG, you are working with world class elevator specialists in Australia. You have the luxury to relax and watch our experts implement your vision while bringing you the latest in commercial lift technology.

TAG Commercial Lift Maintenance

Because of the sustained stress commercial elevators have to endure, it is extremely important that the driving gear is regularly inspected, serviced and maintained in an immaculate condition. TAG has optimized its commercial lift maintenance services to respond in minimum time for emergency repairs and operate strictly on schedule for routine maintenance. Taking care of minor problems today will save you from heavy expenses later. TAG’s friendly crew is professionally trained and experienced to provide you smooth services and elevator rides.

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