Repair & Maintenance

TAG is a full service center for all of your lift needs. Our service and maintenance division offers Emergency Breakdown service with active monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve been saving local businesses time and money for decades with lift associated health and safety requirements by way of our Smart™ web based field service system. Because we understand the value of a strong customer relationship, and because we know your continued success is the key to ours, TAG provides you with clear, easy to access information via our unique customer portal.

Lift Maintenance Safety Technology

TAG understands that there are few things so precious to a business as time management. Within the rapidly changing environment of safety requirements, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to keep up to speed all the time. Because we recognize how difficult this task can be, we specifically designed a web-based online plan management system and register that will allow you to access all available maintenance information any time you need it.

Using historic information, our system will inform you on the scheduled replacement times for worn parts, as well as the required scheduling of programmed maintenance as put forth by the ever changing OH&S regulations and systems.

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