Deacam Tankweld Cranes

Image 1
Deacam Tankweld Cranes (1)

Image 2
Deacam Tankweld Cranes (2)

Image 3
Deacam Tankweld Cranes (3)

Image 4
Deacam Tankweld Cranes (4)

Are you and your lift being serviced correctly?

Hi there my friend,

We got talking to Kevin when we went out on site and started to discuss the quality of service and the attitude of companies or more so their technicians. What we both were amazed at was the fact that whilst the particular selling company had done a wonderful job of selling it was more so about the after sales¬†installation¬†and post sales service where most companies fail. At TAG we came to see this as the missing component of knowledge, years of experience combined with industry in sight is not too readily available, come and learn some more…….