Coil Lifter 3

Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter

Various Lifting Attachments

Lifting lug 1

Lifting lug 2

Lifting lug 3

Lifting lug 4

Plate Spreader Beam with Slings

Plate Spreader Beam and Slings

Gantry Crane Plate Grab

Crane plate Grab

Experience counts when using a Crane C hook safely

Here we’re working with an experienced operator who understands the reality of mistakes that have happened in the past and ways to prevent and work in a safe manner.

It’s this experience that we communicate to ensure that we’re doing everything possible to provide a safe workplace with overhead and gantry cranes in everyday business.

Crane Training Overview

We all learn differently, yet we need to focus on the common outcome.

Creating a safer workplace

Overhead & Gantry Crane Training Process free word or pdf download

When using an overhead crane our skills and focus needs to be on safety and the environment all the time. Whilst the crane is simply one component, we also need to understand al the different attachments, their unique characteristics and at the same time our unique workplace. Each crane is an individual as well, and like you and I it can have it’s own characteristics. As with any industry over time many changes have been implemented from the design aspect yet with the design life actually being up to 25 years we’re going to come across, again, different characteristics. Having an association with this industry for over 30 years has allowed me to experience many different types, some have a very distinct acceleration curve, and others have a smooth acceleration curve designed into them. Safety is what we’re here to achieve primarily though, as an industry and as a user, so with the two totally different design types the industry really became very focused on hook swing and how to control it. If I were to identify as hierarchy or put in order of incidents I would suggest that we had;

  1. Operator awareness, focus and safe work practices.
    • We need to be aware of the potential negative outcomes.
    • We need to focus on what we’re doing at all times as we are control of an item that can potentially kill or maim another individual.
    • And we need to ensure that we adopt and standardize on safe work practices, whilst always maintaining an open mind to constantly improve within ourselves and for the company associated to creating a safe work place.
  2. Hook swing is possibly the next biggest issue when using an overhead or gantry crane safely.
    • Hook swing gets caused by the initial take off from the crane above and the acceleration curve.
    • Modern cranes are designed with a variable speed start and older cranes were instant.
    • So an older crane is technically more difficult to control hook swing creates an unstable environment which can lead to further issues.
  3. Slinging & Rigging practices.
    • As there are so many variables this area of your next lift needs to be understood the most.
    • Different weights,
    • Different types of lifts
    • The scope of variables here is endless and as such requires more focused and targeted training.

All in all, ensuring that you’ve been trained correctly is also your responsibility, yours because the company can make all reasonable efforts and support you in many different ways, however it is you the crane operator who ultimately has control over the overhead or gantry crane in the workplace.

Please download our Mind Map here and make your required changes.

Overhead & Gantry Crane Training Notes free download

Coil Grab 2

Crane Lift Grab Training

    Pick coils
    Place coil on truck
    Control hook sway
    Observation of load placement
    Rectify or Control hook swing whilst loaded

Coil Grabs

Field Service 04302014

Field Service 04302014 (1)

Field Service 04302014 (2)

Field Service 04302014 (3)

Deacam Tankweld Cranes

Image 1
Deacam Tankweld Cranes (1)

Image 2
Deacam Tankweld Cranes (2)

Image 3
Deacam Tankweld Cranes (3)

Image 4
Deacam Tankweld Cranes (4)

Deacam and Tankweld Gantry Crane Project





Are you and your lift being serviced correctly?

Hi there my friend,

We got talking to Kevin when we went out on site and started to discuss the quality of service and the attitude of companies or more so their technicians. What we both were amazed at was the fact that whilst the particular selling company had done a wonderful job of selling it was more so about the after sales installation and post sales service where most companies fail. At TAG we came to see this as the missing component of knowledge, years of experience combined with industry in sight is not too readily available, come and learn some more…….


3 Great Reasons For Choosing “TAG Lifts”

On Time Delivery – Lead times You Can Rely On

We know Lifts and lifting solutions. With over 75 years collective experience our SMART Engineering™ and construction reduce delivery lead-times of your new lift – by half.

Built To Last – Custom Design and Manufacturing

TAG Lifts are designed smarter which means they are quicker and easier to service saving you valuable time and money. Plus, our robust designs mean longer lifespan on your equipment which means less headaches for you in the long run.

Support & Service – Peace of Mind When You Need It

And because we source our parts locally you can rely on getting what you need, when you need it and rest assured that TAG Lifts quality is 100% Australian Quality.


If you are unsure if TAG Lifts is the solution you are looking for, then let me ask you these questions….

 Is Production Downtime Costing You Money?
Are You Tired Of Being Caught Out With Faulty or Unsafe Lifting Equipment?
Don’t You Wish Your Suppliers We’re Just There When You Need Them?

Products and Services

Products and Services
TAG offers a wide and varied range of products to suit many different applications
– Residential Lifts
– Commercial Lifts
– Dumb Waiters
– Goods Hoists
– Car Elevators
– Disabled Access & Stair Lifts
– All associated lift inspections and service
Residential Lifts:
Our Engineering design & standardisation allows us to substantially reduce the lead time from placement of order to delivery your lift. Our designs can be individually tailored to your needs. TAG Lifts products are designed with consideration to you and your needs, we care, we understand you and we’re here to offer our ongoing support.
Commercial Lifts:
TAG offers products from the standard range of ORONA lifts. ORONA are the fifth largest manufacturer of lifts in a world-wide market. With over 40 years’ experience supplying lifts to a demanding worldwide market; ORONA is an ISO9001 compliant company that has installations worldwide, backed by local companies.
Our Dumbwaiters are made specifically to your needs & can carry loads in excess of 500kg.
They can be used in many areas including:
Retails Stores
Private Homes
Goods Hoist & Freight Lifts:
Our Goods hoists are suited to commercial & industrial applications from retail outlets to mining sites & are rated for loads from 50 kgs upwards.
Car Elevators:
TAG can design, manufacture & Install all your car lifting requirements. The application can be implemented into any situation being a new or old building, etc.
Disabled Access and Stair Chairs:
TAG can supply & install limited mobility lifts, elevators or Stair Chairs/Climbers to suit all different types of homes & commercial applications.