A Lift to Lift Your Spirits

There are several reasons to add a lift to your residence. Being hip is becoming one of them.

Lifts are the latest trend in home improvement. Adding a vertical dimension to your residence augments its utility and comfort, while modernizing its looks. Research says the value of your property increases by 10% if you put a lift in there.

Choosing the right solution for vertical transportation at home depends upon what your particular needs are. From wheelchair lifts, stair lifts and dumb waiters to residential elevators for apartment buildings, TAG is there to assist you whatever the scale of your residential lift project.

The Joys of having a Lift at Home

Having a modern, noiseless, well-integrated lift at home means you don’t have to use the stairs every time you move between floors. A lift can make your house incredibly snugger for everyone, including the elderly or the disabled. They also make moving things like furniture up and down a couple of floors or more. Lifts can add a unique ambiance to your home, allowing you to exploit the vertical dimension for applying innovative interior décor ideas. Lifts can obviate the need for a landing or stairs altogether, allowing you to utilize space more efficiently and aesthetically.

Enter Residential Lift Specialists!

As an original Australian company, TAG has always focused on the domestic residential lifts market. Specialization has unbeatable advantages; over two centuries, we have worked with countless property owners, contractors and architects to consistently exceed their expectations and retain our position as the market leaders in residential lifts. We have a long trail of immaculately completed residential lift projects still running perfectly after over a century! During our interaction with our customers, we have come across the widest variety of customization parameters, and have always delivered on projects of all sizes and shapes.

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The Technology that goes into Residential TAG Lifts

TAG residential lifts feature back-up systems to operate the lift in case of power failure. Being hydraulically driven, they are as safe as the couch in your living room. You can even operate some of these lifts manually to easily resolve the situation in case of power failure. TAG residential lifts can be open platform type or encapsulated. They can have manual or automatic doors. They come with proximity sensors that stop the lift in case there is an obstruction beneath (a dog, for instance). TAG lifts can be fitted with emergency and regular lights and have simple and elegant user controls tailored for the residential sector. If you are in Australia and want a lift for your residence, you can contact TAG experts and unlock holistic new possibilities for exploiting the third dimension. Depending upon your needs and budget, the design can be as simple or as innovative as it gets. On the outside, TAG lifts can be as rugged as a platform for raising rum barrels, as elegant as leather or wood lined salon cars or as stylish as a chrome lined Plexiglas capsules gliding up a glass wall in your atrium.

After getting your approval of the detailed design containing elaborate feature description and drawings, we put two centuries of experience behind our efforts to execute your project to perfection.



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